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Stall Reservations and Assignments

Please note, stall assignments are subject to change and changes may not be reflected below.
Updated: 5-24-19

You may check-in to your overnight stall after 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 25.

Absolutely no schooling unless you have signed the Show's Liability Release Agreement and no schooling before 5:00 p.m. Sorry, no exceptions.

Reminder, stalls include only minimal shavings.

Stalls are assigned by owner's name or group (depending on how reservation was made).

Rider's Name
(Last, First)
Owner's Name
(Last, First)
# Stalls D or O
Amundson, Jessica Amundson, Jessica 1 O
Kappes, Gabi Kappes, Gabi 1 O
Yendell, Stephanie Yendell, Stephanie 4 O
Johnson, Hallie Whiteis, Barb 1 D
Huppert, Carmel Whiteis, Barb 1 D
Saloum, Rylie Saloum, Rylie 1 D
Collman, Jennifer Collman, Jennifer 9 O
Collman, Jennifer Collman, Jennifer 1 D
Cummins, Grace Cummins, Grace 1 D
Ische, Meghan Spong, Darcy 1 D
Markovich, Diane Markovich, Annika 1 D
Nelson-Mayson, Lin Zidf, Cindy 1 D
David, Sylvia David, Sylvia 1 D
Larson, Abigail Lewis, Lisa 1 O
Hartzler, Emma Klennert, Eliese 2 O
McCadden, Tom & Liz 3 O
Anton, Katie Megan, Sheila 1 D
Megan, Sheila Megan, Sheila 1 D
River Ranch River Ranch 6 O
Emilsson, Cecilia Emilsson, Cecilia 1 D
Gmitter, Linda Gmitter, Linda 1 D
Penshorn, Julie Penshorn, Julie 1 D
Sandvig, Nicci Sandvig, Nicci 1 D
Thelen, Jennifer Neumann, Stephanie 1 D
Loos, Sondra Loos, Sondra 1 D
Winga, Genevieve Winga, Genevieve 1 D
Ellis, Audriana Ellis, Ryan & Erin 1 D
Heldman, Chloe Heldman, Teri 1 D
Wrisky, Rochelle Wrisky, Rochelle 2 D
Merritt, Taylor Navarro, Nadia 1 D
Navarro, Brandy 1 D
Carlson, Tammy, Allie, Sarah Carlson, Tammy 3 D
Burke, Halle & Olin Stetzer, Andrea & Phil Burke 1 O
Erickson, Katie Erickson, Katie 1 O